Ravan and Eddie

: Kiran Nagarkar
: Paperback
: 9789350293256
: 9350293250
: 17 Apr, 2012
: HarperCollins
: HarperCollins
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Book Summary
An extremely funny novel about two larger-than-life heroes and their bawdy, Rabelaisian adventures in post-colonial urban India. 'Nagarkar is a genuine experimentalist: he combines in his writing a tremendous instinct for storytelling with a rare openness of imagination. He is willing to go where it takes him, express it in whatever form and through whichever language. What remains constant is his subversive pleasure in fiction for its own sake. It makes him one of our most precious writers.' - AnjumHasan, The Caravan Nagarkar's second novel (is) insouciant, savage, disarming and profound... (His) imagery has the quality of switch-blades flickering in the dark alley of the narrative. (His) humour is dark, but passionate. - ManjulaPadmanabhan, The Asian Age 'Ravan and Eddie remains one of the finest books written with Mumbai as a backdrop. It's uproariously funny, outrageously irreverent ... (and) reveals the city as a character, an actor, a living being.' - PankajUpadhyaya, Mumbai Mirror 'It's bawdy, it's wicked and it's irreverent. (Ravan and Eddie) is a wild romp through a quintessential Indian institution: the chawl.' - Business World
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