Digital Photography Step by Step

: Tom Ang
: Hardcover
: 9781405348195
: 1405348194
: 01 Jun, 2011
: Penguin
: Penguin
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Book Summary

The essence of a true photograph is that it needn't be explained, nor can it be contained within the framework of any language. For all those who admire the art behind the creation of a perfect image, Digital Photography Step By Step can prove to be quite interesting. Designed specifically to help you take pixel perfect images, the book can indeed help in becoming a creative photographer.

A unique blend of constructive directions and insights on contemporary photography, Digital Photography Step By Step helps bring out the real photographer in you. This book goes into the finer details which are presented in a simple manner to engage users of all kind. Throughout the book, author Tom Ang has covered the creative, technical, and practical aspects of photography.

The technical elements such as the type of cameras, lenses, lighting accessories, and even photography softwares have been described in this book. The book also provides handy information related to shutter time, aperture settings, and camera maintenance. Attention is also given to the creative features such as colour, exposure, lighting balance, and motion blur.

Introduction to various genres of photography such as travel, landscape, urban, and people is another attraction of the book. A section that explains the effective utility of the DSLR is yet another feature of this book. Digital Photography Step by Step, one of the best selling book on photography, was first published by Penguin UK in 2011. It is available in hardcover.

Key Features:

  • Tom Ang’s books on digital photography hold the record of selling more than two million copies worldwide.

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